Thank you too all of past, present, and future friends!

Homeplace Creations was the original name for the company started by Bill and Nola Watkins in Halifax, Virginia in 1991 producing a wide variety of hand-painted ceramic pottery at the family dining room table.

Nola started drawing and painting as a child and has always found a lot of pleasure from her artwork and the creative process. The “Snowman” design you see in her collections is a drawing on a Christmas card she made when she was seven years old which she was particularly fond of. Many other inspirations for her painting comes from Blue Ridge Pottery, which was hand-painted pottery from the ‘20’s to the ‘50’s made in Erwin, Tennessee. Nola also has a style that often reflects a whimsical and fun theme relating to her nature.

The Watkins Family has traveled extensively around the United States on a circuit of craft shows that has helped showcase all of her artwork including her pottery and ornaments; and over the years, Homeplace Creations has evolved into “The Nola Watkins Collection” focusing mainly on her colorful and unique Christmas ornaments.